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About Us

Welcome to Troop E 2nd Squadron, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Tennessee Army National Guard. We invite you to become part of our unit, contact us anytime for more information. Here is some information about our unit that may answer some of your questions...

Troop E  is in the 2nd Squadron, formerly 3rd Squadron 278th ACR known as the "Phantom Raiders". Our Troop  Headquarters is located in Jamestown, TN, which is in Fentress County, approximately 2 hours East of Nashville and 1 1/2 hours West of Knoxville. Detachment 1 is located in Livingston, TN, approximately 1 hour West of Jamestown, in Overton County, TN, and Detachment 2 is located in Oneida, TN, approximately 1 hr North West of Knoxville.

We are a Rifle Company (Heavy) and equipped with some of the best equipment in the Army's arsenal, such as, the M2A2-ODS Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), M4A1MWS, M9-9mm Pistol, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), M240B Machine Gun, and a host of other equipment.

Our unit is separated into the following,

Troop Headquarters...

HQ Section, HQ Maintenance section, One (1st Platoon) Infantry Platoon (Heavy), and one Mess section.

Detachment 1 Troop E...

Det HQ Section, Det Maintenance section, One (2nd Platoon) Full Up Infantry Platoon (Heavy), One (3rd Platoon) IFV Section, and one Mess section.

Detachment 2 Troop E...

One (3rd Platoon) Dismounted Infantry Platoon Section (3 Infantry Squads).


* If you think that you "Got what it Takes"  to be a part of the BEST Troop in an Armored Cavalry Regiment , we challenge you to "Show us what You Got". 

Troop E 2/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment