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Troop E 2/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment  



Text Box: We are Volunteers Are You? 
The first line of defense for our Home States most Guardsmen and Women serve to help others in  

their community in times of need. During floods, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, snow storms, riots  

and other disasters most people are running for safety while the National Guard is heading into the  

heart of the storm. From Puerto Rico to New York to Alaska to Georgia and every other state and most  

territories arises a Citizen Soldier. He or she is willing to lay down their own needs and concerns to  

come to your aide. We have lost many to the rages of nature yet we still rise in a moments notice as 

our fore fathers, the Minutemen did. Our civilian employers also deserve credit, they allow us to be 

away from our jobs to train and hone our skills as Citizen Soldiers. During times of need the President 

has used the Citizen Soldier in foreign lands as Peace Keepers and as Warriors, once again the  

Citizen Soldier leaves behind their own needs and concerns and performs a service to the World and  

the United States. Civilian employers are left with holes in their workforce, and yet they still support  

their Citizen Soldier and take Pride in what they do. So I guess you could say the National Guard is  

not just a few soldiers doing a job for the State or Country, rather you can say that it is a Community of  

Commitment from each little township across the country whether they wear the uniform or support  

the one that does. Why do we do it?? I dare you ask that question again. Wouldn't you do it? You are  

a Volunteer aren't you? Love for your  community and country can be shown in the many ways we  

elect to wear the uniform, will you support us? We need you to.  
" I Volunteer Sir "
Contact Us at (931) 879-7760 or (931) 823-5333 or Check out our Contact Us Page.